About Us

Business 4 Schools works closely with schools across the south coast, producing an array of marketing material and helping education to forge closer partnerships with commerce.

Education budgets are getting tighter, pupil numbers are increasing, and Business 4 Schools has identified an innovative solution for schools to get their message out to their local community and to key stakeholders.  It's exactly the same philosophy which business takes in seeking fresh markets.

Trusted brand

Ours is a trusted brand of writers and graphic artists, as well as business leaders.

We've been closely involved with a Business Patrons Club at one secondary school, seen how the model works, and we could help establish one at your school or college.

With employability at the forefront of many schools' thinking, this club provides a rich source of partnership with local companies, who lend their expertise in the classroom, providing a pathway towards the world of work.

It's clear there are numerous benefits to these partnerships.  To the schools, we are able to provide them with an added stream of income and an even more effective way of communicating their message.

Opening up a new vista of opportunity

To the schoolchildren, we're opening up fresh avenues to the world of business.  And to companies, this is a whole new vista of opportunity, putting their brand at the heart of the community, supporting that community, and engaging in a way which they may not have have explored before.

It's simple, it's inexpensive, and it works!


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